Ontbijtkoek (or Spice Bread) is a staple for many Dutch, young and old.  If not for breakfast then as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, the Nation enjoys the sweet spices and bready cakey crumb.  We've added crumbs to our Kablon 70% dark chocolate to create a delicious bar, and don't ask us how we keep the crumbs crunchy and not soft!


The spiced cake bread riffs really well with the natural gentle spicyness that the Kablon cacao presents under our treatment.

Kablon 70% - Dutch Breakfast Cake - Dark Chocolate

  • Let us know if you do or don't enjoy our chocolate.  We will do whatever we can to learn, improve and keep you smiling.

  • Organic Kablon cacao, organic cane sugar, organic cold-pressed cacao butter, ontbijtkoek.   Contains GLUTEN.   Best before:1/19