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Chocolate made with only 1 rare ingredient: Don Fortunato No.4 cacao beans from the Marañon valley in Peru, no added cacao butter!


The chocolate contains intense fruity sour notes and oak-barrel-aged tannins and a light chewy crunch from the Starward Whisky infused Marañon cacao nibs. Starward Whisky is a smooth and gentle (not smoky!) whisky from Australia that we love. The two flavours together add an enticing complexity to each other and the flavours linger pleasantly for a long time. Perfect on its own or paired with a strong spirit or dark coffee. Very suitable for fans of 100% dark chocolate.


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Experience a pure 100% bar of a very rare and important cacao. Sugar-free. No added fat. We've added Marañón whisky infused nibs to the chocolate and nothing else.  The nibs introduce a crunchy texture and a fruity whisky note that rounds out the cacao and makes a surprisingly accessible bar.   Alcohol-free, we've kept the flavour but evaporated the alcohol content - there's plenty of buzz in the bar alone!


Thought extinct for a hundred years, discovered by chance growing in a remote river canyon at twice the usual altitude of cacao in the foothills of the Andes, this bean has been USDA inspected and verified as being a genetically PURE NACIONAL cacao. The intense floral flavours are difficult to stabilize; the bean is notoriously temperamental and presents a terrific challenge to any chocolatemaker. With persistence and a lot of trial, error, observation and patience, it can make incredible chocolate.


Allergen information: contains no nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, or soy (nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free). Made in a facility that uses nuts and soy. Vegan friendly.

Each bar is 56gr/ 2oz.

100% Peru, Marañón with Whisky Nibs - Dark

  • Harvest day on Don Fortunato’s farm is special, since this is the site of the Mother Tree. This tree possesses DNA identical to the genetic marker for Pure Nacional found in the 5,300 entry, world genetic database. Don Fortunato and his wife participate in the harvest and, utilizing machetes, open pods and assist in removing the beans. Sealed buckets with wet cacao beans are transported on Fortunato’s burro from the farm, to the family home, weighed on a digital scale and Don Fortunato is paid immediately before the fermentation process begins that same day.