This rare cacao from West Papua is the product of recent interventions.  In March 2019, the local government established West Papua as Indonesia’s first Conservation Province. The legislation protects some of the most intact and healthy marine and terrestrial ecosystems, promotes the development of sustainable jobs and recognises the rights of the region’s indigenous peoples.


The cacao grows in the buffer zone area of West Papua’s Arfak mountains, home to the Vogelkop Superb Bird of Paradise, discovered in 2018. The cooperative Eiber Suth (‘Unity to Arise’) was established in 2017 and currently employs around 200 Locals and manages around 200 out of a total 1,668 hectares, which used to be fully operated during its peak in the 1980’s. Cacao has been at the very heart of this region for generations!  A delight usually reserved for Iris and Bob.

West Papua 65+5 - Vaulted 70%

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